Apply for Financing

Flexible financing available through Synchrony

Step 1 (Optional) - See if you prequalify

This doesn't affect your credit scores but will give you an answer if you qualify.

Step 2 - Apply Now

This step is needed to qualify for your financing. Once completed, notify Swifty's Heating and Cooling that your application has been submitted and confirm Swifty's Heating and Cooling has your preferred email on file.

Step 3 - Receive Your Payment Options

Swifty's Heating and Cooling confirms with Synchrony that your application is for work that they are providing. Synchrony sends your payment options to the email address that you confirmed with Swifty's Heating and Cooling.

Step 4 - Submit your Payment Plan

Notify Swifty's Heating and Cooling which plan works the best for you.

Step 5 - Review your Payment Plan and Sign

Read over and ensure that the plan sent to you is the plan you wanted and that you are content and ready to move forward. You can change your plan at any time up until this point. Sign your agreement and notify Swifty's Heating and Cooling that you have locked in your financing and are ready to schedule your project!

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